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Protonjunky and StanH AKA Faith 2 Fist
If you Like Bands like RUSH,TRIUMPH,STYX or any of the old school Rock, You gotta check these guys out.
Their new band is called 3-4- Thunder
Or click the pictures below to buy CD

 Online Jam Sessions Song by ProtonJunky

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onlinejamsessions.com — Jam Together World Wide!, with musicians from all over the world!
10.12.2015 1 comments From jammin
spiritualquest.me — The site has quite a bit of good stuff on it if you are an open person and looking for a deeper understanding.
10.08.2015 0 comments From jammin
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IVYY: onlinejamsessions is the best ! live vid n audio an chat ! its about the music ! come in hang out an talk about gear ,sound,recording,instrame­nts,repairs.a­ great way to learn music !
12d ago
12d ago
12d ago
IVYY: in the upcoming summer ill be casting shows from clubs of bands !live casts!
12d ago
IVYY: learnin to play? the jam room is the place! work on backing tracks,build a set list, PLUS the great support in the jam room.the fastest way to learn an instrament is to play with others!
12d ago
IVYY: hang in there ! the jam room maybe empty when you come in .remember there are people all over the world in different time zones!
9d ago
IVYY: midnight is noon in western russia an so on
9d ago
IVYY: once i have equipment set up ,ill be more than happy to record for free ! an send the file back,if you want i can edit an process even add tracks ! all for free. this is to compliment the work jammin does in running ojs, a simple donation to help in tasks an costs of time to mantain. a simple donation of five ten dollars helps ,that inturn allows for more information ad ons an soooo much more !
9d ago
IVYY: R.I.P. Prince
8d ago
IVYY: OJS has a supportive group of musicians,many talented at instraments repairs gear recording .the best an fastest way to learn is jamming with others being around support where its all about music is the key.OJS is the pioneer of online jamming,with no downloads.simply log in create a profile an start jamming world wide twenty four hours a day 365 days a year people are here chatting gear an music related information.onlinejamsess­ions­ is simply the best.
5d ago
IVYY: over the years those that have utilized jamming an the backing tracks here have gone on to form bands an play achiving the dream of performing in front of an audiance in very short time ,thats possible by being around supportive people an taking the time to invest in their skills.
5d ago


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Soul Searching

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