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Band out of South Lake
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OJS Admin. I play guitar when I can but more just here to try to get this site going in the right direction.
Bass Player Songwriter. Bassist writer for Faith2Fist and 3-4 Thunder
Cool person :) with a beautiful gift ♡guitar♡
Time to ROCK with it. Guitar ,vocal & writer for Page One,,,Faith2Fist ,,,, 3-4 Thunder & Projects of Protons which is,,, anyone…
Ready to rock out! 12 string style
Guitar, harmonica and some vocals
whats to say ? I live on the 3rd rock from the sun . favorite things .. i like to say or hear ? I like that play it again .
Guitar, Bass, Keys, Brass, Vocals Mostly Rock!
multi instr. guitars an keyboards synths harmonica salt shakers an various other things that make noise.
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