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Online Jam Sessions is a Community of musicians looking to collaborate Worldwide on any project Live or through file sending. You can send files back and forth right through the Jam Room or other places on the site. The Jam Room is "LIVE" as soon as you cast your sounds and click on each others sound (speaker icon), they hear you live and can jam right along with you live. You can create a password protected Jam Room of your own that you and only invited guests can go into. Or You can clicl an individual user in the OJS Hangout and choose a private window and jam together this way.

Another way to Jam on the site is through the regular site chat. If you see someone on the site with a green light next to their name, hover on them or click on them and it will give you an option to chat. In the regular chat you will find it says request a video chat. You can jam one on one with this option and never go into the Jam Room.

This site has been well thought out and has been a leading pioneer in the internet Jamming World. We have learned many tricks along the way. The perfect setup would be each side to have their own mixer setup and a nice sound quality they like already running through their computer. Then when you add anyone with the similar setup to the mix of the Jam, Its like they are right there in the room with you.

Some people have slower internet connections speeds so this can get frustrating and you may find you don't like to jam with them as much as other you connect well with. If you have a slow connection, try running direct into the modem without a wifi setup. Echo can usually be fixed by soundcard settings not being on stereo or wearing headphones.

The biggest let down of a site like this is the individuals lack of participation on the site. Its best to come and hangout for a bit in the Jam Room or check things out on the site until you see someone came in. You can always leave a tab open and go about your business doing other things on the internet. You'll hear sounds alerting you someone is in the Jam Room. There are also Backing Tracks to Jam along with in the Jam room that can keep you occupied long enough usually until someone shows up to jam. Then many times from there more show up and its a good night or day of Jams.

Just keep that in mind, individual participation is key. Its not the sites fault for no Jams happening. The site is what made it possible, its already done its job.

For those that want to make use of every last feature on the site, there is an option to join as a unlimited access member for a $50 lifetime membership. You will have access to your own store setup, unlimited uploads, files,audios,videos and much more. you'll see what I mean when you start checking the site out and find some functionality might now work.

The servers to keep this site running are not free to me and these companies want their money or we get shut down. So I pay out of my own pocket until someone donates to the cause. We have 5 servers running. 3 RMS servers which are the Jam Room servers. 2 of them are just for backup in case one goes down. One main server for the site and one server for KOJSRADIO. Its easy to see this ain't free for me. So anyone that joins and wants to become a unlimited member for $50 will help the cause and gain full access to everything.

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