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Protonjunky and StanH AKA Faith 2 Fist
If you Like Bands like RUSH,TRIUMPH,STYX or any of the old school Rock, You gotta check these guys out.
Their new band is called 3-4- Thunder
Or click the pictures below to buy CD

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spiritualquest.me — The site has quite a bit of good stuff on it if you are an open person and looking for a deeper understanding.
10.07.2015 0 comments From jammin
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Example of missed Jams

Look at the timing of this

Shout out if you want to Jam
IVYY: looks great !
13d ago
warbull: Yea man! Center Stage right over in the Jam Room!
13d ago
IVYY: yeeee haw !
5d ago
jammin: Quick tip, hover over "SET UP A JAM" tab at top of page, click "whose online" if anyone is on you can hover over their icon and wait a second then a list of things will appear. You can then choose to chat with them to get their attention to a jam.
5d ago
Silent_Company: Place is looking AWESOME !! jammen!
IVYY: agreement !!
10h ago
IVYY: welcome "hold close" .
9h ago
IVYY: to newbies ; make sure you've updated adobe flash. or its possible it may need updated , settings for audio sometimes can be a learning curve, hang n there .and there's peeps here to help out. welcome to onlinejamsessions !
9h ago
IVYY: cast your band practice or gigs ! its a "win win" at gigs for the house.
9h ago
IVYY: remember hang out in the jamroom! if no one is around work at those backing tracks ! MANY of us has . before you know it the jam room can fill up, thats all it takes. an the jams keep going an going an going...
9h ago
IVYY: peace.. OJS , its about the music an the magic of the jam !
9h ago
IVYY: i'll start casting during the days im doing repairs. better know as the Ivy Cam. no audio just vid these will be cast from the place im doing repairs lots of people passing through . this sat a lil after noon central time ! see ya then. about every hour i refresh page .but vid will be back up in a few minutes .! this sat.i'll be working on a marshall head . a 56' fender kingman acoustic , a few setups. hope to see you in the jam room !
9h ago
IVYY: i'll give a few days notice here in the shout box ! every week theres a different guitar or amp or cool old guitar !
9h ago
Public Events
Just throwing this out there to give people an idea. This page alone can really be customized leading up to the event. You can share this page through the share buttons on OJS and add music samples, video samples or even have interaction with fans from this page. This is just an example page of what…
10.15.2015 11:00
ojs, any, United States
From jammin
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