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Protonjunky and StanH AKA Faith 2 Fist
If you Like Bands like RUSH,TRIUMPH,STYX or any of the old school Rock, You gotta check these guys out.
Their new band is called 3-4- Thunder
Or click the pictures below to buy CD

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spiritualquest.me — chimbonic verb (In a modern day sense) To bridge the gap between languages. Give a more complete mental picture to the minds eye of truths that the english language alone leaves the mind wanton. (In a metaphoric sense) "the messenger that delivers the truth to its fullest degree or value" brid…
10.07.2015 0 comments From jammin
"The most important goal for mankind is to achieve Christ's Understanding!"

Ben deGrise

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IVYY: keep ya gear man. an watch them mouses they like speakers !! keep going silent ,thinking good thoughts man.
10d ago
Silent_Company: lol hotel room to hotel room guys..holy cow are we gonna sue the shit out of the city lol going to court kicking ass here..we may own the house in a minute when were done lol..
10d ago
Silent_Company: no serious..thanks Jammen
10d ago
Silent_Company: have to stick around for the court in town..like maybe in month we will know how we fair..
10d ago
Silent_Company: we got them on the writ..they kicked us out without one...
10d ago
Silent_Company: a big no no..they are tryen to sort it out..paybacks a bicth
10d ago
jammin: yeah hope it all goes your way, offers open if it comes to it, just keep that in mind.
9d ago
jammin: Silver City is only about 40 minutes from SLT
9d ago
Silent_Company: thanks jammen - you rock man!
9d ago
Silent_Company: online jam sesion music stage in silver city
9d ago
Silent_Company: lol like some kinda commune for woodstock diehards lol
9d ago
Silent_Company: got our stuff all in storage in carson..hotel hoping in tahoe
9d ago
Silent_Company: at least we aint broke..thanks man..were trucking rught along at a good clip right now.
9d ago
jammin: Right on, good to hear
8d ago
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Just throwing this out there to give people an idea. This page alone can really be customized leading up to the event. You can share this page through the share buttons on OJS and add music samples, video samples or even have interaction with fans from this page. This is just an example page of what…
10.15.2015 11:00
ojs, any, United States
From jammin
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