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Protonjunky and StanH AKA Faith 2 Fist
If you Like Bands like RUSH,TRIUMPH,STYX or any of the old school Rock, You gotta check these guys out.
Their new band is called 3-4- Thunder
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spiritualquest.me — chimbonic verb (In a modern day sense) To bridge the gap between languages. Give a more complete mental picture to the minds eye of truths that the english language alone leaves the mind wanton. (In a metaphoric sense) "the messenger that delivers the truth to its fullest degree or value" brid…
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"The most important goal for mankind is to achieve Christ's Understanding!"

Ben deGrise

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4 дней назад
themom прокомментировал видео

Thanks for watching!  This really was his 1st time playing and singing together and in front of grandma


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Elias добавлен новый аватар
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Elias добавил новую фото
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judge33 отредактировал свой профиль информация
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Example of missed Jams

Look at the timing of this

IVYY: wake up! an play some backing tracks !
6 д. назад
IVYY: Welcome to OJS !
6 д. назад
IVYY: welcome DR. Freeze ! (yo Alan)
6 д. назад
IVYY: it's morning ! where's aussi's at ,an "sosi" in portugal ?
5 д. назад
IVYY: digging "donna moth's " street sounds. love it !
5 д. назад
themom: I just got tricked!! thought Stan was on cuz pic above has the green light on lmao
4 д. назад
IVYY: lol ive seen that too !
3 д. назад
IVYY: thinking of putting bigger lettering on me truck, but cooler looking .
IVYY: guitarist should take notice of companies like Fender kicking out backing tracks type systems . Onlinejamsessions the pioneer in online collaboration has 1000's of backing tacks that can be "set list" to work an jam from ,many a member has advanced their skills by this method .g
4 ч. назад
IVYY: i've seen the jam room ROCK with 36 people from all around the world go non stop for days.
3 ч. назад
IVYY: multiple jams in several rooms going on simultaneous ! take time to hang out ,that's how it starts ! an that's what the original members did hours on end .
3 ч. назад
IVYY: winter ( when it's cold outside) is the best of times !
3 ч. назад
IVYY: If your band or gig is in the Springfield Mo. area or close by ,for a donation I'll cast your gig an record a live CD of 10 songs ! by the time the cables are rolled up ,the disc will be burned ! make a donation , let me know the location (wifi needed to cast) or just make a donation ,contact me of local an times !
3 ч. назад
IVYY: a roland32 trac daw station an roland cdx-1
3 ч. назад
IVYY: will be use to capture the live event !
3 ч. назад
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Just throwing this out there to give people an idea. This page alone can really be customized leading up to the event. You can share this page through the share buttons on OJS and add music samples, video samples or even have interaction with fans from this page. This is just an example page of what…
10.15.2015 11:00
ojs, any, Соединённые Штаты Америки
от jammin
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Never accept downloads from anyone, very untrust worthy and spyware or maleware will most likely be uploaded to your computer!

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