This is a test to see how it looks. This page alone can really be customized leading up to the event. You can share this page through the share buttons on OJS and add music samples, video samples or even have interaction with fans from this page. This is just an example page of what your event could look like and it would continually grow on this page as you get closer to the actual event date. If you want to use this function for your band you can create a event date and have people pay to watch your Concert Live in the Jam Room. You can create a private room so only paid members will have access. Contact OJS FOR MORE INFO.

This is a cool function that has been being over looked at OJS. Any band can easily setup on stage and broadcast live into the Jam Room and invite fans to the event. Say your already a hit band, you want to have the ability to get more fans to watch you from around the world. Just create an event, charge a fee less than being at the live concert. So if you are charging $30 live at the concert then you could charge say $5 to anyone here that watches it live from the Jam Room. Just a way to make extra revenue and revolutionize a new wave in the music industry.

Another similar event could be, a special guest star is going to be joining in Live from OJS to Play with the band live any where around the world. So say your band is playing in New York and Joe Satriani is in L.A. You can have Joe in the Jam Room connected on stage through your mixer setup and video feed and display this to the audience Live at the concert as well as Joe displaying it back to OJS Members he invited to the event.

These are just idea's. But not just idea's, realities! People have been over looking this awesome feature that could take the world by storm if it was being used. There are so many function's that OJS offers that literally "Your imagination in the only limitation"!

Skunktree productions Radio commercial.
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Jam Room

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