Using your profile to promote!

When you sign up with OJS you are given your personal profile page that you can send people to. This is like your personal webpage is a sense and can be loaded with many things.


I'm sure most of you know about this. But for those that don't when you signed up with OJS your username became your personal website/page that you can use in many ways. Here are some of the features:

  • Your own store
  • All your audio/video uploads
  • Your own timeline
  • Your own blogs, forums and events
  • You can customize the look
  • You can stay in contact with friends on OJS and contact them to come Jam
  • There is a simple chat that will contact any member that is online and can be changed into a one on one personal video Jam
  • You can do the same by clicking on your friends list and waiting for them to show up then when they are on invite to a one on one Jam, these jams are separate from the Jam Room. You'll see the feature next to your friends name when they are online
  • The more you play around on the site you'll see how creative you can get with all the features already here
  • The biggest thing is to make your profile page look nice and load up some audio/video and what ever you want then use your personal link all over the net, facebook, youtube, myspace or email friends the link. This will promote your page at the same time get people on OJS and possibly payoff in the end for a full Jam Room more often
  • This is an example, here is my page just by using the link:


Simple little things like this might go a long way, if you use this site to its fullest it will benefit all of us.

Thanks Guys


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