General Info
Full Name
PANSARD Philippe
As many colleagues bass players, I began the musical practice with the guitar.
And afterward, I faced the facts that my first hearing feelings focused on low frequencies (thank you Macca).
Duly noted.
It has been thus about 30 years since I practise the electric bass.
I was able to, since then, to participate in numerous musical projects of varied styles:
- Rock, Blues, Jazz, New Country music, Musics of the World(Monde), French and foreign Varieties etc....
Person in his sixties and retired man recently, I can dedicate myself to my passion without reserve (*).
(*): ah if, a reserve all the same, that to reserve of time for my "half" as possible.
It is true that we practise a very time-consuming and very often night-activity, but when we like that:
- US Fender Precision Plus ( 96 )
- Hohner BBass V ( 94 )
- Electro-acoustique Tanglewood
- Squier Jazz Bass Fretless
- Ibanez Portamento 705 ( 2016 ) (bought from a wikilooper quite recently)
- Hartke A35 (for the house)
- Gallien Krueger MB112 (for the small rooms)
- Mark Bass CD121 for concerts
- Zoom H1 for the repetitions
- Sounds Interface Presonus AudioBox USB 96
- Studio One 3 delivered with the interface Presonus
- Monitors JBL