General Info
Full Name
Daniel David Treat
United States
Red Boiling Spring
My band is called "Doesn't Play Well With Others" I am a multi genre musician, guitar is my forte instrument, I also play bass, keys, mandolin and sing. I play metal, rock, classical, blues and mellower styles. I like freestyle improv jams and can play a range of covers Beatles-Slayer. I do not do rap/hip hop, celtic or country (by choice, sorry). I want to rock or at least play something different. looking for drummers and bass players but I keep an open mind so other guitarist, vocalist and misc. instruments would be cool too.
Additional information
Favorite Music
Metal (Slayer, old Metallica, Venom, Dream Theater, Death) Rock (Foo fighters,R.H.C.P.) Classic Rock (as they call it now, the Beatles, Hendrix, Boston, Fleetwood mac, Van Morrison) Punk (Talking Heads,Ramones) Hardcore (Dead Kennedys, G.B.H) Blues (Robert Johnson, George Thorogood) Cowpunk, Baroque (Vivaldi, Bach) Classical ( Mozart) Romantic (Paganini,Beethoven), Renaissance (Sonus) Experimental (the Residents)and some easy listening (Neil Diamond, Harry Nilsson). It depends on the mood.