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Time to ROCK with it. Guitar ,vocal & writer for Page One,,,Faith2Fist ,,,, 3-4 Thunder & Projects of Protons which is,,, anyone that sparks the atom inside me with their wild hooks,riffs,beats,suggestions,OJS chat,,,who knows what will happen next ,,Lots of great Players of all sort is here and joining so lets turn it on and make musical noise sound great..........
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protonjunky added 4 new photos to album protonjunky's photos
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protonjunky added 4 new photos to album protonjunky's photos
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Now that's A Crappie !

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Sounden Good ! Rock on !

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protonjunky added 2 new videos to album Faith2Fist
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Go Ivy !

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And Thank you Jammin, for the complement & a Great website to use as a platform for anyone that has great noise to let other enjoy & Jam with other Great players of all sort .

As a player this site helps me by hearing what others are into and their styles.

I can think of 5 songs I wrote in the Jam room ,,   OJS song,The Spider (using GG's riff), Fire of the,,,one with no name,,,Southern D,,,

Great website Jammin !!!! & Thank you once again for letting us  3-4-THUNDER be a part of it........................................................................................................................

                                  Your Welcome !         ProtonJunky

01.30.2016 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
protonjunky changed his profile status message 
Jam Tonight, all ?
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